Before you get Started

Lavender is currently on Unity 2019.3.0f3

We highly suggest using Unity Hub in order to manage your unity installs. Simply hit add, scroll to the bottom for beta & alpha versions, select the right one, then hit the checkmarks on

To create content for Lavender, first we need the Lavender SDK. If you’ve bought the game on Steam, the SDK can be found within the Steam Library of your account, search for “Lavender SDK”. Double clicking it will open the folder containing a file named “LavenderSDK.unitypackage”, import this into Unity by double clicking it while Unity is open, or by going to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package and browsing to the file.

Note: Make sure to backup your project if upgrading from an older version of Unity and make sure to remove other game SDKs from it as well to ensure compatibility. Project Defaults and Project Layers may fail to be setup in rare cases, to fix this, go to Lavender at the top of the Unity window and press Setup Project defaults & Setup Layer defaults For all content, we recommend having a proper folder setup for organization purposes, a folder structure example such as “Assets/Avatars/modelname/model.fbx” and a folder for materials, animations, scripts, sounds within each model project is recommended.

Create something:

Creating Worlds

Creating Avatars


Then get it ingame:

Uploading Content