Uploading Content


To upload content officially we need to register for an account on Lavender’s Website, this can be done by going to Register New account. Fill out your Email, Username, Password.


Logging in

Now that we’ve registered and confirmed our email, we can sign in, and start uploading content by going to Content/Upload section.
This is where we’ll be uploading our content. To do this, drag the file onto the Browse button from Explorer or browse to the file. Name your content, decide if your content is going to be Private or Public, give it a Description and select the right content type for it (Avatar, World, Prop, or Gamemode), add a preview Picture that will be shown in-game to others, then hit Upload.

Managing Content


Updating Content

To update your content, you first have to go to My Uploads section.
Here you’ll find everything you’ve uploaded. You can search through it, filter by the Content Type (All, Avatar, World, Prop, Gamemode), and order it by Date Added, Name, or Type.

Find the content you wish to update and hit Edit, this will bring up the edit page for it. Browse to the updated Asset file and hit Upload.
You may also change it to Private or Public and update the Description, if desired.

Once it’s done your content will be re-downloaded in-game on the next game restart.