To enable and use full body binding, you will first need to setup your trackers ‘roles’ in steam Manage Trackers interface.
You will need one tracker set as waist, one set as left foot, and one as right.
In the future we will be supporting more tracking points, but maybe not though this mechanism.

After roles are set, you will see all three trackers ingame floating where you expect.
Once trackers are floating and present ingame, you simply switch to any avatar to start the bind process.
Your model will load in after downloading, spawn in a t-pose.
You then move into place to match the models waist and feet location.
After in place pull the trigger on either controller to bind from current offsets.
You can quickly rebind at any time by respawning the same model.

Note: currently there is a bug that places model in the ground slightly when on a server. This will be fixed

To get around this right now, moving down with playspace mover will help with the offsets.